Dyno Tuning


Dyno Tuning  /  $120.00 per hour or $50.00 for 3 pulls

     On our Dyno Jet 250i load control dyno with exhaust gas analyzer. Give your ride the tune up it deserves and extract the horsepower you paid for.

Our experience and thousands of dyno runs in our data base will assure you that every last bit of power is found.


Our Custom Mapping is Guaranteed to make your Bike run perfect !


What is Dyno Tuning ?

 The Dyno is essential for realizing the full potential of today’s fuel injected and carburated motorcycles with performance modifications.

This is the only tool that can accurately calibrate fuel and ignition maps or diagnose run / driveability issuse’s in a controlled environment.

We can show you the h.p. and torque your bike is producing to the rear wheel as well as your air/fuel ratio.

With this information we can tune the bike in different areas to achieve optimum performance and drive ability.


Is the dyno hard on my bike?

   Not at all ! Your bike is in a controlled environment as it is being tuned. This means we monitor and control temperature, heat cycles and load.

 A wide open throttle run on the dyno is less stressful than a wide open run on the highway, in fact we break in fresh motors on the dyno because it is far better

to run in a fresh motor with a good tune up rather than a generic flash or base map.


  Jarz Performance packages are the result of many years of testing components and combinations along with our technicians 60 years combined experience

and 11 years of very successful professional Harley drag racing .


Let us put you into a kit that is right for your needs !


Fuel Injection Tuning

  DIRECT LINK is Jarz Performance preferred method of fuel injection custom mapping and tuning. It allows complete tuneability of the stock ecm so it has stock dependability,

no added module to mount on the motorcycle and no extra connections to go bad.


Power Commander by Dyno Jet is a good product for less $ than D.L. or S.E.R.T. and tunes a little quicker but has limited tuning capabilities. Also P.C

Is an add on piggy back module that must remain attached to the motorcycle.



























  Check out the graph above for a typical example of  before and after dyno tuning results.

Optimum AFR is 13.3 for a wide open throttle run. Note how lean the before run is, and the corresponding dip in power.

Each cylinder is tuned individually to give best performance.


Fuel Injection Custom Mapping  /   $120.00 per hour

  The only way to properly dial in your fuelie is to run it up on the dyno and check the emissions at different loads and RPM’S. We can remap your stock ECM using direct link or most any other system you may already have.

Cost is $500 for a custom map $400 if you purchase tuner from Jarz.


“Smokin the Competition”

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