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Performance Kits

Wake Up Your Motorcycle With Harley-Davidson® Performance Kits in BC

Are you sure you are getting everything you paid for when it comes to your Harley Davidson’s performance? Jarz Performance offers a wide range of Harley-Davidson® performance kits in BC. Right from performance exhaust systems to high-flow air filters, we will check and install every component on your motorcycle to make it ready to meet your high performance needs. Your motorcycle will be remapped using DirectLink. Most of our kits also come with a Jarz Performance one-year warranty. Call us with any queries you may have regarding our performance kits.

88” Stage 2 Roller Chain Conversion Kit


For 1999 – 2005 Dyna’s and 1999 -2006 Touring and Softails. 

Upgrade your cam chest with 2007- later Cam Plate, High Volume Oil Pump, Chains and Hydraulic Tensioners. Wood’s Roller Link Conversion Cams

and a set of New Lifters.
We replace everything in the cam chest, so you don’t have to worry about failing components.
TW6-6R Roller Conversion Cams
Zippers Air Cleaner, Thunderheader Modified Baffle Exhaust
Direct Link Custom Tune


2004, FLTR, Stage 2, 88": See Graph

S&S Drop-On Big Bore Kits


4” Bore bolt-on Sidewinder Kit, will take your 88” to 100” or your 96” or 103” to 110” 

If you want a bigger bore, these are the largest cylinders that can be installed, without disassembling the entire motor.

100" C.I.D. Kit


S&S CNC Ported Heads, 10-1 compression
Woods Knight Prowler TW6-6R Conversion Cams
Zippers Air Cleaner, Stock Throttle Body, Stock Injectors
Thunderheader Modified Baffle Exhaust

Direct Link Custom Tune


2004, FLTR, Stage 3, 100" S&S Kit: See Graph

110" C.I.D. Kit


Woods Knight Prowler TW-777 Cams, S.E. Heavy Breather Air Cleaner
H.D. stock ACR heads, 10.5 compression
Vance and Hines Pro Pipe black
Direct Link Custom Tune


2008, FLHR, Stage 2, 110" S&S Kit: See Graph


Woods Knight Prowler TW-7H Cams, Roland Sands Design Air Cleaner

Feuling Lifters, Oil pump mods, S.E. Pushrods
S&S Power Duals Pipe, S&S 4" Slip-ons
Direct Link Custom Tune
To date this has been our most popular performance upgrade.


2013, FLTRX, Stage 2, 103": See Graph

S&S 124” Drop-On Kit for Milwaukee 8


128 HP, 149.5 torque

Stock Heads, StockThrottle Body, 5.5 Injectors
Rinehart 4" slip-ons
S&S 550 Cam
Direct Link Custom Tune


2017, FLTRX, Stage 2, 124" S&S Cylinder Kit: See graph

Milwaukee 8 Stage 2


Wood’s 22-X Cam, Feuling Lifters, S.E. Pushrods.

Rinehart 4" Slip-ons, Full-Sac Head pipe
S.E. Air Cleaner, WM8-22X Cam, S&S Pump and Cam Plate
Direct Link Custom Tune


2019, FLHX, Stage 2, M-8, 114": See Graph

S&S T 111" Crate Motor


S&S 585 EZ Start Cams
Kuryakyn HI-5 Air Cleaner, S&S Power Tune Duals Head Pipes, Rinehart 4" Slip-ons

Direct Link Custom Tune


2012, FLHX, S&S T 111”: See Graph